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Subject: Re: Braided streams (The Leichter Side)
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Date: 24 Jun 91 14:36:12 GMT
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Hey, I just remembered something with regard to Braided streams
and known plaintext attacks. Let's say that you know that 
some string of bits, {b1,b2,} which has been braided into
the ciphertext {c1,c2,}. The goal is to retrieve the key, which
in this case is all the of the bits in the ci's that aren't derived
from the bi's. 

There is a UNIX command called "diff" which will display the
line-by-line differences between two text files. It will take two text
files, A and B, and figure out what lines have been inserted/deleted
in A to make B. The algorithm is pretty cool and, if I remember
correctly, runs in a reasonably polynomial time. I'll check on it. 


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