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From: (Doug Gwyn)
Newsgroups: sci.crypt

Subject: Re: Braided streams
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Date: 24 Jun 91 17:35:17 GMT
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In article <> (Dan Bernstein) writes:
>no repect for formality or rigor. If and when you start presenting your
>``algorithms'' in any sane style, and if and when you start making some
>effort to present logical (or at least convincing!) justifications ...

Hey, Dan, chill out, dude!  He seems to have been making an honest effort
to respond to technical criticisms.  Sure, perhaps he should anticipate
these and put more effort into making his initial articles into scholarly
publications; however, by Usenet standards he isn't doing too badly.  You
should be able to suggest that he tone down his sales pitches and beef up
his analysis without being insulting.  Maybe not everybody is capable of
presenting argumentation that meets your exacting standards..