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From: (W.A.Simon)
Newsgroups: sci.crypt

Subject: A One-Time Way to Thwart Key Registration...
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Date: 05 Nov 92 08:29:16 EST
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In (Peter Wayner)
sneaks one on the Feds:

> [ ... ] 
> Actually, my favorite solution to this criminal problem is to use
> a one-time pad. Then it is possible to come up with two keys. One
> that decrypts the conversation into a benign one and one that decrypts
> it into the real message.
> [ ... ] 
> So the criminals send key #1 to their cohorts and register
> key # 2 with the Federal Key Exchange Registry. When
> the cops bug the line all they hear about is the stories
> about their trip to Hershey PA. 
> [ ... ]

	the Braid allows any number of messages to be hidden within
	the ciphertext.  A convenient choice of key will allow to
	decode any one of them while leaving all others encrypted.

	Of course, this presupposes that one accepts the Braid as
	a valid method of encryption...			-{smiley}-

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