Characterization of FM1.WAV

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Statistic and graphic characterization of .WAV file noise data from the generator page and characterization page.


Data Source and Sample

.WAV file: FM1.WAV ; filter: raw; offset in els: 0
16-bit els in file: 396900; secs @ 44100: 9.000000
16-bit els in samp: 396288; secs @ 44100: 8.986122

Descriptive Statistics

min el value: -32768; max el value: 19322; range: 52091
mean: -114.5373; std err of mean: 9.62; avg dev: 4858.17
vari: 36673573; std dev: 6055.87; skew: -0.3572; kurt: -0.0163


unique values: 32240; highest repetition: 50; entropy: 14.519
aug doubles: 3670514; est population: 21392.61; lg2 pop: 14.385


rms: 6056.946; std dev: 6055.87; rms/std dev: 1.000178
rms: 6056.946; avg: 4852.616; rms/avg: 1.248; expect: 1.25
peak: 26045; peak/rms (crest factor): 4.300; expect: 3..5
maxima: 95719; expect: 139212; maxima/expect: 0.688

Frequency Graph

[FFT Graph]

Magnitude vs. Frequency, averaged over 387 FFT blocks of 1024 values each.

The vertical red line near the center is 10 kHz; the vertical green line at the right is 20 kHz, and the vertical red line at the far left is 100 Hz.

The horizontal light gray line is the average from 1 kHz to 20 kHz; the horizontal green lines above and below the mean represent +/- 0.5 dB; and the red lines above and below those represent +/- 1.0 dB.

Also see FFT Graph in the noise glossary.

Autocorrelation Graph

[Autocorrelation Graph]

Autocorrelation vs. Offset, averaged over 387 FFT blocks of 1024 values each.

The horizontal light gray line is zero. The 512 horizontal columns represent rotation positions. The spike at zero is normalized to 4096 which plots as 255.

Also see Autocorrelation Graph in the noise glossary.

Normal Graph

[Normal Graph]

Distribution of Data Values, around the mean and through 4 standard deviations on each side.

The vertical light gray line is the mean; the vertical green lines are standard deviations; and the red line is the ideal normal distribution.

Also see Normal Graph in the noise glossary.

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