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From: (Nico E. de Vries)
Newsgroups: sci.crypt

Subject: IBM-PC flawless true random number generator
Message-ID: <>
Date: 22 Jun 92 10:15:10 GMT
Article-I.D.: accucx.2670
Organization: Academic Computer Centre Utrecht
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some days ago (a week?) I posted an open "ad" for my free random
generator source. I got about 60 requests but if you haven't got it
yet feel free to email me. 

The source is not extremely commented (only the code is commented,
not the thoughts behind it) therefore this posting.

To make one thing clear which some people misunderstood, althought
the fact that the random generator is a 100% source one it is
not a software but a hardware random generator! The "trick" is I use
standard hardware present in any IBM compatible PC and not some
add on board.

The hardware I use are two clock crystals, the real time clock one and the
microprocessor one.

I did several statistical tests on the program and couldn't find any flaws
in it. I hope however others will try at their best to test it as well
and I urge them to post their findings (reply to this posting?). IMHO
the generator is completely undeterministic but one never knows.

Nico E. de Vries
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