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From: (Ted Drawneek)

Subject: Re: IBM-PC random generator, source included
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Date: Thu, 25 Jun 92 03:37:11 GMT
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Terry Ritter writes:

> Of course I "believe" in jitter.  I started out as a hardware
> person.  It is not at all unusual to see a scope display jitter
> when retiming signals from different clocks in a computing system.
> That does not make the system nondeterministic.

The phase noise present even in crystal oscillators is nondeterministic.
Suppose you have two oscillators in phase at the same frequency, each
driving some sort of trigger so that nominally they both trigger at the
same time.  Then would they actually both trigger at the same time?
Probably not - you would find that sometimes one would be before the other, 
at other times it would be later,  if you looked closely enough.

Ted Drawneek