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From: (Ralph Neutrino)

Subject: Re: IBM-PC random generator, source included
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Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1992 23:36:41 GMT
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In article <7205@public.BTR.COM> grady@public.BTR.COM (Grady Ward ) writes:
>As far as PC generators of one-time pads: just because you cannot find
>any statistical regularities in an arbitrary sequence of bits, does _not_
>mean that they are not there and exploitable by an astute opponent.
>True chaos (whatever that is) is pretty hard to find and exploit...

Chaotic dynamical systems are definitely _not_ random.  If you mean 
"randomness," you should say "randomness."

(Sorry for the nit pickage, but chaos has a well-defined mathematical meaning,
which definitely does not correspond to random.  Complex, yes; random, no.  
Wouldn't want folks gettin' the wrong impression...)

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