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Subject: Re: Hardware random number generators compatible with PCs?
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Date: Mon, 26 Oct 92 19:49:21 PDT
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In 10/25/92 15:45 49/2059 (Bohdan Tashchuk) writes:

> Hardware random number generators compatible with PCs?
> The recent post on building a random number generator using a zener diode got
> me to thinking once again about commercial alternatives.
> I haven't seen any commercial alternatives discussed here recently. And since
> the market is so specialized, they may well exist but I'm simply not aware of
> them.
> The ideal product would have the following features:

(1) >         * cost less than $100
(2) >         * use a radioactive Alpha ray emitter as the source
(3) >         * connect to an IBM PC serial or parallel port
(4) >         * be "dongle" sized, ie be able to plug directly onto the port,
    >           and not have a cable from an external box to the port
(5) >         * be powered directly from the port
(6) >         * generate at least 1000 "highly random" bits per second

My enhanced RANGER Device meets the critical features# 1, 3, 6 (cost,
connectivity, and performance) as follows:
1.  The parts cost is less than $40 (you can build it yourself).
2.  Based on jitter from 16 crystal oscillators instead of alpha rays.
3.  Connects to the PC's parallel port.
4.  8"x10" Printed Circuit Board using off-the-shelf components
    (could no doubt be reduced with surface-mount or other packaging)
5.  Powered by a single 5Volt 1Amp encapsulated power supply.
6.  Considerably faster: approximately 6,750 random bits per second.

Additionally, billions of the bits were tested -- and passed --
the statistical tests outlined in Knuth's _The Art of Computer Programming_,
Volume 2 (Seminumerical Algorithms) -- as implemented in my RANDTEST
program (Volume 1 Number 3).

Details, including Printed Circuit Board (PCB) artwork included in
_Cryptosystems Journal_ Volume 2 Number 2 (June 1992).

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